How to Hire an Attorney for Malpractice

by Admin | Feb 01, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

Hiring an attorney for malpractice is no easy feat, especially since you or one of your loved ones is already dealing with the aftermath of the event that forced you to seek an attorney in the first place. Bonner Law, a leading Miami malpractice attorney, recognizes how many challenges the victims of medical malpractice are facing so they have created a guide to help. Follow these steps and tips to ensure that your process of hiring an attorney to represent you is as seamless as possible.

6 Steps When Hiring a Malpractice Attorney

  1. Outline the details of your case. A lot has happened to bring you to this place. Your emotions are more than likely running high. While you will want your choice of lawyer to be a good listener, you will also want to provide coherent communication of the facts. One of the best way to avoid losing your train of thought or leaving out key details is to write it all down beforehand. This includes the dates that the event happened, the details that led up to the event, and what happened afterwards. Be sure to also document conversations, patient pain levels, and how you or your loved one’s life has been impacted by the inadequate medical care they received.
  2. Gather the supporting documents. The types of documents that you’ll want to have ready are:

    • Medical Bills
    • X-Rays and Diagnostic Reports
    • Ambulance Bills
    • Police Reports
    • Insurance Statements
    • Prescription Receipts
    • Pay Stubs/Letter from Bosses
    • Physical Therapy Reports
    • Physician’s Notes

    Gathering all these records can take time, but it is a good idea to collect them before your initial meeting, if possible, because your choice of attorney for malpractice will need them.

  3. List the relevant contact information. From doctors’ names to insurance account numbers, you are going to need to provide it all once you get started. With this in mind, it is a good idea to start creating a file that will prepare you for when you begin to search for a lawyer.
  4. Make a list of questions you want answered. There is no doubt you have questions to ask your potential lawyer. Having a list ready beforehand will ensure that you do not forget any key points and provides a place for you to notate the answers for future reference.
  5. Gain some understanding and set expectations. There is a wealth of information about medical malpractice available on the internet. If you have the time, you may do some research to understand more about things like:

  6. Determine what qualities you want in your attorney for malpractice. It’s important that your choice of attorney fits your needs and has the know-how to achieve your desired outcome. Here are some qualities to seek out:

    • Experience – An attorney that has experience specifically with medical malpractice is going to know how to guide you every step of the way, from dealing with the insurance companies to speaking the same language as the doctors.
    • Accessibility – If you have a question or concern, you are going to want to be able to get someone to help you. When interviewing lawyers, ask them about how accessible they (and their team) are if you need help. Then, check out what their former clients say about them in the Google reviews.
    • Proven Track Record – Most attorneys will have information about their website about their successes in the courtroom. You can start there and ask your prospective choice to elaborate when you speak to them.
    • Free Consultation – A free consultation is the industry standard for attorneys for malpractice. Be sure to use this meeting as a chance to get to know the lawyer better and determine if there is a good fit for you and your case.

Bonner Law, led by Michael P. Bonner, checks all the boxes with over three decades of experience and a proven track record of bringing success to its clients throughout the years. Bonner Law offers a client-focused approach with strong communication and easy access for questions and concerns.

If you or a family member was a victim of medical malpractice because of the negligence of doctors or nurses, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Bonner Law at 1-800-4MEDMAL or go online to schedule a free consultation.

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