What To Do When Delivery Room Errors Happen

by Bonner Law | Jan 05, 2023 | Firm News

If you have experienced negligence in the delivery room, you may need to contact a hospital malpractice lawyer. The unfortunate fact is that labor and delivery can quickly transform from what should be one of the happiest moments of your life into a life-threatening emergency for both mother and baby. When Labor and Delivery Nurses or Obstetricians do not follow the standard of care in an emergency situation, their negligence can cause devastating injuries, or even death, to both the mother and baby. While this scenario can be devastating to the entire family, a hospital malpractice lawyer may be needed to help you get the recovery for your family that is deserved.

What To Know Before You Hire A Hospital Malpractice Lawyer To Help In Labor Room Errors

What are the common delivery room errors? Getting familiar with the common delivery room errors is a good first start before enlisting the services of a hospital malpractice lawyer.

  • Delayed Cesarean Section Delivery – Delay in performing a C-Section is, by far, the leading cause of malpractice-related birth injuries. Negligent delay in performing an emergency C-Section is known to cause brain injury to the newborn baby leading to Cerebral Palsy. A delay in performing an emergency C-Section can result in a myriad of injuries, including oxygen deprivation, infant brain damage, physical injuries, and developmental delays. Your hospital malpractice lawyer can guide you as to your rights and recovery expectations if you have been a victim of this kind of situation.
  • Improper Fetal MonitoringLabor and Delivery Nurses and Obstetricians should monitor the mother and the baby during pregnancy and during delivery. Fetal monitoring allows nurses and physicians to monitor the baby’s vitals, like their heart rate which shows that the baby is doing well, not in distress and getting enough oxygen. Failure to properly monitor the mother and the baby during pregnancy can cause healthcare providers to miss the warning signs and unnecessarily delay emergency procedures which can often lead to devastating, life-changing injuries to the newborn. During your first consultation with your hospital malpractice lawyer, you’ll want to lay out all the details so that it can be determined if there is a case.
  • Improper Anesthesia Administration – Complications related to the administration of anesthesia are a common way that things that go wrong in labor and delivery and when a hospital malpractice lawyer may be needed. From overdoses and failure to assess the risks and reactions to the medication, there is an acceptable standard of care in administering anesthesia. An experienced hospital malpractice can help you determine if what happened during your family’s experience is something that should be settled through the courts.

What To Do Before You Select Your Hospital Malpractice Lawyer:

  • Get Your Papers In Order – You’ll want to gather all the details before meeting with your hospital malpractice lawyer. Included on the list of important documents and details should be hospital bills, doctors’ records, bills, dates and diaries, witnesses, etc. This will help you organize your thoughts and outline the recoveries you deserve.
  • Criteria For Choosing A Hospital Malpractice Lawyer – Most hospital malpractice lawyers will offer a free consultation. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a clear understanding of your case. Here are some preliminary steps that can be taken before that meeting as well:

    • Read reviews. Online reviews are an excellent place to understand how clients feel about their hospital malpractice lawyer.
    • Look for expertise and experience. Experience matters, especially specific experience in labor and delivery cases. Read the About sections of the website to ensure that the hospital malpractice lawyer has the experience you need.

If you or a family member was a victim of a delivery room error because of the negligence of hospital nurses or doctors, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Call Bonner Law at 1-800-4MEDMAL or visit our page for a free consultation.

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