Complications of IV Therapy – Infiltration/Extravasation

by Bonner Law | Aug 03, 2021 | Legal Questions/Issues Medical Issues/Negligence

What is intravenous therapy, also known as IV? It is a delivery method used to administer fluids like electrolytes and medications through a small catheter needle that is inserted into a vein, usually, in the hand or arm to deliver whichever fluid necessary. This form of therapy is widely used as it is convenient, however, it is not always reliable or safe, and serious complications can arise. Complications may develop when the catheter is improperly inserted or placed, or when medical staff does not adequately monitor the area. Complications, such as IV infiltration and extravasation can occur as well. IV...

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Boating Accidents in Florida

by Bonner Law | Jan 26, 2021 | Firm News

Recreational boating is enjoyed by people across the country but is an especially popular pastime in Florida. While boating is meant to be fun, boating accidents and injuries are becoming more prominent with each passing year and Florida leads the rest of the country in boating accidents and injuries. From 2015 to 2019, Florida had more boating accidents and related injuries or deaths than any other state.[i] Most of these boating accidents could have been prevented though, if it weren’t for the carelessness or negligence of other boat operators. Boating Accidents can be caused by an array of natural and...

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