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When A Personal Injury Is Considered Catastrophic

It isn’t difficult to imagine how serious a catastrophic injury can be. The name itself suggests that an affected person experiences life-altering consequences following an accident. However, you may be unaware of how catastrophic injuries are defined legally, a factor that can impact the outcome of an insurance claim or lawsuit. In the case of such a devastating injury, the financial and emotional toll can be enormous, and the person suffering the catastrophic injury may be entitled to more compensation than people who have experienced other types of damages. At Bonner Law, we can help you understand your options if you’ve experienced a catastrophic injury in Florida.

Catastrophic Injuries Can Last A Lifetime

According to Florida law, catastrophic injuries are impairments that permanently and significantly impact a person’s ability to function: loss of mobility or independence, a need for long-term care, and an inability to work in order to support themselves or their family. The person may have become disabled due to loss of limbs, damage to the organs, spine, or brain, severe  burns or other mutilations, and typically has little to no chance of making a full recovery. Emotional pain, like depression and anxiety, is likely to have an additional impact on well-being, since the person’s quality of life may have been greatly reduced by the traumatic incident.

How Do Severe Traumas Occur?

There are a number of ways injuries from an accident can become catastrophic.  Some common causes include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, particularly when a pedestrian, cyclist, or smaller vehicle is involved in a collision with a larger vehicle, like a truck
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals or fire
  • Construction accidents
  • Falling from a tall structure
  • Workplace catastrophe

Navigating The Cost of Catastrophe

It can be extremely costly to manage and care for traumatic injuries. With so much at stake, Bonner Law can guide you through the insurance system and help you get the compensation you deserve for your accident, whether it’s through worker’s compensation, a lawsuit, or a settlement. The effects of devastating personal damages can take a toll on physical and emotional health for the person affected as well as loved ones, and the focus should be on healing and moving forward. Let Bonner Law handle the financial part for you so you can focus on getting better.

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