Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

by Bonner Law | Jun 26, 2024 | Medical Issues/Negligence

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) occurs when high blood pressure around the brain causes symptoms such as headaches and vision changes for no apparent reason. The term “idiopathic” means the cause is unknown. It occurs when cerebrospinal fluid, the liquid that protects your spinal cord and brain, builds up in your skull and affects the brain and optic nerve. This condition is rare, but with timely diagnosis can be managed by a medical professional. Symptoms Including but not limited to: Headaches localized behind the eye(s) Dizziness Fatigue Tinnitus (Ringing in the ears in time with your heartbeat) Brief episodes of blind...

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Florida House Bill 837 and How It May Impact Your Personal Liability Claim

by Bonner Law | Jun 26, 2024 | Premises Liability

What is HB 837? The Florida Tort Reform Act of 2023, or HB-837, is a legislation created to reform the state’s tort laws. The purpose was to address excessive damage awards in some cases and increasing insurance costs. Although this new legislation may change the amount of damages awarded, it does not mean you are unable to pursue a personal injury claim. Discussing your situation with an attorney may help you understand your options and determine the right course of action for you. What Changes Came with It? Statute of Limitations HB-837 reduced the statute of limitations for bringing a...

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